How to get IP telephone number / connection?

Necessary steps to register IP Telephone number

Necessary steps to register IP Telephone number

Select any package to get the IP telephone number or follow the procedure below for any package.

1) Photograph on both sides of your National Identity Card (Original Identity Card. Photocopy or print photo will not be accepted), Original copy of newly renewed Trade License and one copy of your newly taken passport size formal photo Email us at
2) A list of numbers will be provided in the reply email. From there you can select the phone number of your choice subject to conditions.
3) Select the package according to your needs. Our billing cycle is from the first day of the month to the last day of the month. So on the first or second payment you will be informed of the prescribed charges.
4) Pay the bill according to the payment method. There is no need to make any additional payment in bank or cash payment. But 1.5% charge is applicable on mobile fund payments.
5) Fill out our prescribed online form and let us know.
6) All connections except VPS will be activated within 24 hours and you will be notified by email.

Features & Pricing
* Register IP Number (09678221XXX) ৳ 200/=
* One Time Installation Charge Free
** Minimum Talk Time Duration Per Month 20 minutes on any mobile number
** Maximum Inactivity Duration 90 Days
Incoming Call (Any) Free
Outgoing IP Phone to Any IP Phone Free
IP Phone to CellPhone/GSM ৳ 45P/Min
IP Phone to BTCL ৳ 45P/Min
IP Phone to Short Code (016xx) BTRC Call Rate

There is no monthly charge for using 1 Concurrent Call Channel.

Charges only apply to regular users!

* This service will apply for regular connections. Not applicable for Special Number.
** There is no fixed term for talktime. But every month you have to talk about the minimum amount. Otherwise it will be treated as unused. Leaving an unused connection for 90 days will suspend it and if it is not used for 180 days, its registration will be canceled. The current customer will no longer be able to claim ownership of the number and will be ready for a new sale.
** If any connection is sold after 180 days, no complaint will be applicable.
*** In the case of a new connection or any package upgrade or change may take up to 24 hours.
*** In case of service refund, all types of bank charges / processing fees will be deducted and the remaining money will be refunded to the customer.

>> 15% charge as government service is applicable along with call charge. However, all services are included in the bundle offer. <<

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